Pretenniless means Pretend Penniless. Lilly and Sarah are two Brits off to travel the USA for 5 months, spending nothing from the moment they step off the plane.


We don’t just mean ‘not spending much’. There will be hitchhiking, bin diving, couch surfing and more to keep us on our journey. If we do have to get ourself out of a sticky situation, a money counter on the front page of this website will let everyone know – down to the exact cent – how much has been spent since setting foot on US soil.

Usually the first question is “why?”, so we’ve written a bit about our reasons in a post.

Where did it all begin?

In early 2013, in a bar in New Delhi, Lilly and Sarah met for the very first time – bonding immediately over beer in mugs kept under the table and a shared love of seeing the world without letting anyone tell you how you should go about doing that.

When they’d both returned home in 2014, they hitchhiked up to Edinburgh from London for a beer together.

Almost three years later to the day, it’s time to set off on the next adventure…

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10 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow! Good luck Sarah (and mate). What an adventure! Will follow with interest – I’m planning something similar myself towards the end of the year …. though mine involves a yacht, the Caribbean … and then, wherever the wind takes us!! Take care x

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  2. What an amazing time you are having. Well done you!! My journey isn’t quite working out as planned (turns out its true what they say about sailors!). But there’s a lot of life in the ole gal yet, so I watch what you are doing (and how you are recording it on your blog) with interest – we all have a story to tell!! Take care sweet x


    1. Mum always says that everything in life is a great experience, or a story to tell and I think we both have a few stories at this point 🙂 sorry things didn’t work out but on to the next adventure 🙂 looks like you had a lovely holiday! Thanks Julie xxx


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