This week we hiked the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, got involved at a Trump rally and made our way to Washington DC! We got a free coffee by volunteering at a coffee shop and free beer for telling a joke! Whey! Thank you so much to everyone that helped us out this week ❤


A nurse responded to our Craigslist rideshare ad offering us a ride. He was finishing a night shift in Charlotte and would be passing Asheville on his way home. He had a really smart idea to travel around the USA feigning heart attacks and other illnesses to use the ambulance service as his “free” method of transport…

Trade and Lore Coffee


This coffee shop is the best. Bare brick walls and tables made from front doors. Quirky & quaint. They use specialty coffee using local roasters “while empowering and providing a space for community enrichment”. We approached the counter, explained our challenge and asked if there was anything we could do in exchange for a coffee. The owner looked towards the stage and said we could perform for our coffee. Panicked we glanced at each other. Thankfully the owner said we could help with deliveries instead. Thanks!



Asheville is surrounded by mountains and so we used Couchsurfing to organise a camping trip for that weekend. Theo met us on our first evening and gave us a tour of the town. The following day we hiked to a waterfall and Theo knew a great spot for camping. On the Sunday we hiked along the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. Theo knew loads about the area and his dog was SO CUTE.



Steve also responded to our Couchsurfing camping idea offering us his place to crash that night as it was too late to camp. And boy are we glad we did! Steve’s house had the most stunning views over the mountains and into the valley and he had a whole wealth of knowledge of the area. Steve told us that Trump was in town that week so we decided it was worth hanging around to protest! Our next stop was Washington DC, Steve said he could drive us there and we could stay at his friends’ places along the way in Charleston and Harper’s Ferry, WV. Amazing! We even had time to go for a little hike along the way in Fayetteville with incredible views over the New River Gorge.

The One Stop


Steve was a regular at The One Stop bar so we headed there for the evening to watch a Grateful Dead cover band. We even managed to wangle a free pint and a salad for dinner – all we had to do in return was tell a joke! I think the joke was something about penguins and newspapers?!

Chuck and Wendy


Steve worked with Chuck around 10 years ago and thought it was high time they had a catch up! We stopped off at their house in Charleston, West Virginia. They were a wonderful couple who welcomed us into their home. Wendy is a portrait painter and she cooked us some smashing vegan food. We slept on their balcony that they’d made into a cocoon of cosiness with fairy lights and cushions. Thanks you two!

Jennifer and David


Before dropping us in Washington DC we stopped for one night in Harper’s Ferry with another friend of Steve’s, David. Sadly we didn’t get to meet David but we did meet his wife Jennifer and her mum and her daughter and even her cheeky little granddaughter! We sat and watched the Great British Bake Off whilst tucking into a lovely dinner. Thank you so much for having us!

Even though our trip is over, continue to follow us on Facebook for updates about our upcoming talks and book!

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