In our 20 weeks travelling America, we covered all 48 mainland states, 39 cities and drove well over 13,650 miles.

That’s Lands End to John O’Groats 16 times, for all the UK residents out there. 116 and a half times round the M25, but with decidedly better views.

And this was our route:Pretenniless USA Road Trip Route Map

We’re a little bit in disbelief looking at it. We…hitch hiked…ALL of that way? With a couple of Craigslist rideshares thrown in for good measure?? Without spending a single cent on absolutely anything at all?! Blimey.

To put it in perspective (beyond LEJOG and the M25) we’ve figured out some stats from our 20 weeks without money…


Hitch Hiking: 116 (16 with trucks)
Craigslist Rideshare: 9
Buses Taken: 4 (Tickets bought for us, obviously!)


Couchsurfing Hosts: 29
Other Hosts: 26
Nights in a Tent: 6
Nights in a Hotel: 6 (Bought for us, obviously!)
Nights in a Truck: 2


Meals Bought For Us: 49
Meals Cooked For Us: 27


1 Salsa Class
2 Mountains Summited
1 Baseball Game (GO CUBS!)
1 Comic Con
2 Lost Hoodies (both Sarah’s)
1 Vegas Party Bus
1 Limo Ride
8 Found Items of Clothing
1 Bottle of Veuve Cliquot Champagne
1 ER Visit
1 Club Eviction
1 Fight Broken Up (Not us!)
1 Jar of Moonshine
2 Stays in a Squat
5 Cop Car Run-ins (6 if you count the cop we hitch hiked with!)
1 Acro-yoga class
2 Festivals
1 Trump Rally
28 Free Krispy Kreme Donuts
7835627 Sexual Propositions

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