This week is an easy post to write.

Unlike other weeks, where we’ve had countless lifts and hosts and general ‘helpers’, this week we have just ONE person to thank (well, almost.)


 Rob and Lilly met in Thailand, three years before our trip and hadn’t seen each other since. In the strange way the world works, coincidence saw them crossing paths again…

 “Hey stranger! I’m flying to London today…”
“NO WAY!! I’m in the USA!”
“Haha you’re kidding! Hit me up when you come to Seattle – 4th of July is a good time as I host a big boat party…”

And so, at the promise of a boat party, we head to the coast in time for America’s birthday.

We stayed with Rob for a total of eight nights, seven days and two parties. Most of this time was spent on his boat in Seattle, where Lilly and I got to play house (or rather, boat) and relax after days and weeks of being with new people on the road (something we love, but there’s nothing like a little alone time!) but the parties (and the hangover days to follow…) were spent at Rob’s house on Lake Sammamish.


He even took us to the grocery store to buy food to keep us alive whilst on his boat!
“Really, Rob! Don’t worry, we’ll sort ourselves out…”
“You’ll be on my boat for days. You need to eat, dork.”

Fed, rested, partied… Rob provided all. And we can’t thank him enough.

& we can’t forget….

We had a total of three lifts during our week in Seattle: Jon and Dan, two friends of Rob’s happy to ‘swoop’ us on the way to Lake Sammamish, and Zabby.

When we found ourselves with just 2 hours to walk 5 miles to the other side of Seattle, with an absolute promise that we wouldn’t be even a minute late, we decided to walk with our thumbs out. Luckily, Zabby drove past in his truck and agreed to drop us exactly where Jon would be picking us up at 4pm. Result!

What a brilliant week, and a great end to our coast-to-coast adventure. Southwards we go…

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