We pretty much spent the whole of this week in Denver! Two nights turned into six and we started to discuss if it would really be that bad if we just stayed in Denver until October, failing the challenge, but hey, having a great time.

We got into a routine of volunteering, eating amazing food, laying in the park. It was great. And we could not have done it without all of these people. Thank you so much.

Tovio & Maya & Joyce

What brilliant people. We were couchsurfing with Tovio, a very gentle, super clever guy, I’m sure he’s a genius. He rents a room in a co-op type house started by Joyce, an amazing 86 year lady with some incredible stories. Maya is another housemate. Tovio & Maya cooked us a delicious dinner on our first night of roasted vegetables from the garden and miso soup. They told us about the SAME cafe where you could volunteer your time and in return get a meal. It’s really great staying with like-minded people such as these guys as they tend to have a lot of good advice. We were only supposed to stay two nights with Tovio but we fell in love with Denver and decided to stay for the weekend, so one night turned into six and they were all super flexible and accommodating and let us stay the whole time! Tovio gave us his bed and slept in a hammock on the balcony! These guys really made our time in Denver – so thank you.

SAME Cafe (So All May Eat)

This is an incredible ‘pay what you can’ cafe in Denver, started by Libby & Brad ten years ago. We’ve written an individual blog post about what an amazing thing they’re doing!


Josh was a fellow volunteer at the SAME Cafe but we don’t have a picture, as he seemed to be our official photographer instead! After hearing about our trip, his first question was “what do you do for a drink?!” Well, that’s something that’s harder to get a hold of we replied! No one really leaves beer in the trash, unfortunately. He said that was devastating and offered to take us for a beer in the afternoon! One beer turned into four…or five…maybe six, I can’t remember. After stopping at a liquor store for Guinness (YAY) and whiskey, we whisked off to Pride Festival and made it for the last ten minutes. The night when on, a club came into it somewhere and a restaurant maybe. Anyway, Josh was brilliant, funny, intelligent and we had a right hoot. We spent the day encouraging Josh to travel so I’m sure we’ll cross paths with him somewhere else in the world one day! 

Pride Parade Denver

We’d like to say a little thanks to people in the Pride Parade that handed us ice pops, sweets & Ab Fab hats to sustain us during a killer hangover.


We spent the afternoon snoozing in Cheesman Park, unable to achieve much more due to the hangover. A guy called Jordan came over and asked for a light, we declined but a conversation immediately began “oh you’re English! Where are you from? OMG it’s so crazy, you’re English, we’re English, we’re all English!” After finding out that we’d not yet been to the Red Rocks Amphitheater, he offered to drive us there! Unfortunately there was a Bob Dylan concert on so security was tight and we couldn’t get in anywhere but still, the views were incredible. He then bought us a Snarfs sandwich on the way home, they were huge, delicious, monsters of all sandwiches. We curled up and watched The Little Rascals and Jordan dropped us at a decent hitching spot the next morning!

Tales of Adventure

We ended this week with a Skype interview for Tales of Adventure. We’d like to thank them for having us speak at their event! We’re always keen to encourage others to travel so it was great to talk about our adventure. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk at an event when we’re back in London.

What a crazy week, from nearly failing the challenge and just staying in Denver for the summer, to dealing with some crazy-ass truckers and seeing the darker side of hitchhiking, we have definitely learned a lot. I think this week we learned a lot about ourselves, how positive we are as people and how we are able to talk through a bad situation but leave it behind us, acknowledge it as an isolated experience and not let it effect the trip going forward. We refuse to let one person’s actions taint the phenomenal kindness and generosity we’ve experienced from everyone else we’ve met in America. We refuse to travel in fear!

Thank you to the two truckers who helped us with an ulterior motive than being kind, you showed us our strength. But a way bigger thank you to everyone that sincerely helped us out this week, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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