Week Three has been surreal to say the least. It seems that whatever we wish for comes true!

It has seen us miss a Megabus then catch it up four hours into its journey, zoom across a lake in a boat at sunset to get a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, kayak through a storm, shot a whiskey pickle chaser in Fargo and drive through the night in a truck singing along to great music and listening to Jamie Foxx’s explicit comedy radio station!

By the end of the week we realised (for you stat-lovers) that we’d hit 29% of the states in 15% of our time – pretty good going!

Here’s so much thanks to y’all that helped us out this week. We honestly can’t thank you enough.



We posted on Facebook that we had made it to Chicago and immediately a friend of Sarah’s – a girl who interned at Captive Minds – said she was living in Chicago and would love to see us… she even mentioned that she was working in an amazing restaurant and would like to buy us lunch! If you’re ever in Chicago, head to Remington’s. It’s SO GOOD.

Melissa & Josh

We couchsurfed with Melissa & Josh for two nights in Milwaukee. We had the lounge all to ourselves and it was a perfect respite as my hangover was dragging on. The walls were covered in world maps, signed by hundreds of previous couchsurfers! The night we arrived we were handed a locally brewed beer and joined them and their friends in a cook out in the backyard. We lapped up the fresh fruit and vegetables – something we’re struggling to find on the road! Melissa & Josh were lovely hosts and great company!



Tad rescued us from the side of the road after we’d unfortunately missed a Megabus (tickets had been generously gifted to us). That’s a whole different story. Tad was returning home after joining 1000 other people on a 75 mile (!) cycle ride. He dropped us in Concord at a service station that has a petting zoo. Unfortunately because we were in a race to beat the Megabus to Minneapolis, we had no time to pet. Tad also bought us a sandwich; so unexpected but so so kind.



We were starting to lose spirit as the cars at the service station were mainly local traffic (it was a Sunday after all) when Nick pulled over in his black Jeep. After taking off the roof we started on our way. Nick was married with an 8 month old baby. He loved what we were doing and wanted to offer anything he could to help us on our way; food, drink and even money! We politely declined. (More on our trip with Nick in the Megabus blog post!) We were gutted it was such a rushed goodbye, he’d helped so much and completely turned our day around!

James & Marianne


Staying with James and Marianne and their three kids was like a holiday within our trip. After treating us to Megabus tickets and spoiling us rotten in Chicago, he did exactly the same at his home in Minneapolis! They made their home feel like our home and we’re so very grateful.

Megan Mac


After a difficult morning involving Highway Patrol, a State Trooper and propositions for sex (we less than politely declined) we were relieved to say the least when snapchat-addict Megan offered us a ride. She had lost her wallet that weekend and the staff at Caribou coffee had got it back to her. The kindness of the staff had made her feel that she needed to pass that kindness on and we love that! Positive actions really do have a ripple effect. Megan runs her own business www.eyesandirons.com, she was so fun, laughing constantly and managed to drive the whole journey without touching the steering wheel with her hands!



We were starting to feel like Fargo doesn’t actually exist or if it does, no one goes there, when Jason picked us up on the side of the road in Hasty (an employee – aka a jobsworth – at the SuperAmerica gas station kicked us off their land and onto the road). Jason had just finished work and took us down the road to an amazing location in St Cloud absolutely packed with trucks!


Peter was perhaps the second trucker we asked for a ride to Fargo. Result! Peter was from Germany but has lived in Canada for 10 years with his wife and four kids. It was a nice ride discussing the differences between the USA, Cananda, Germany and England. We stopped at Aldi for Peter to shop and he bought us some German hazlenut chocolate – so nice!

Kayla, Landon & Megan


Kayla was our couchsurfing host in Fargo. Landon and Megan were her housemates. After everyone telling us not to bother going to Fargo we were so glad we did even if it was to just meet these three! Kayla drove out to the truck stop to pick us up then took us back to her house and cooked us a delicious spinach curry. She has a farm east of the city that was her grandparents, she cares for 2 acres of farmland by herself and we loved hearing all about it. We strolled to a bar that had FREE popcorn and monkey nuts and Landon treated us to a drink that consisted of a shot of whiskey chased down by a shot of pickle juice! Apparently they’re crazy for pickle in Fargo. They even put a pickled egg in their beer! The following morning Megan very kindly dropped us at a truck stop, saving us a 3 mile trek with our increasingly heavy bags!


After being told to leave the property three times by various employees at the gas station we went out to stand at the side of the road. Sam was a young woman who said she didn’t mind getting us to a better location! She dropped us at the other side of Fargo at another truck stop. So grateful to start somewhere fresh where the employees aren’t annoyed with us – yet!


After our luck being limited by silly staff members, it was now midday and we were still in bloody Fargo with 600 miles to go that day. Lester approached us and said he was going south on Interstate 29 to Sioux Falls. Perfect! Lester has been driving trucks since 1976 – his father had, his brother does and everyone he knows does. It was between that and driving cattle. When we arrived in Sioux Falls he even put out a request on the radio for anyone heading to Rapid City! Unfortunately no one replied.


We nearly let this ride escape and boy are we glad we didn’t! We’d resigned ourselves to staying at the truck stop that night and getting up early to head to Rapid City. LeRoy said he might not make it there that night but he was heading to Seattle if we wanted a ride. We let him walk away, then we were like “wait what are we doing?!” and ran after him. He had some paper work to complete so bought us dinner to eat whilst we waited! He ended up driving us all the way to Rapid City that night! It was a fun journey and he was the first non-trucker-type trucker we’d trucked with; he was more of a Miami beach, party-party kind of guy. We arrived at 2am and didn’t really want to set up the tent in the dark at the truck stop so he offered us his top bunk! What a guy.

The wishing thing seems to be working for us – a guy walked passed with a couple crates of Mountain Dew, we thought mmm we’d love a Mountain Dew. Then Sarah spotted an unopened bottle in the grass right in front of where we were sat! We thanked the universe, laughed, then started wishing for dinner. Then LeRoy showed up and bought us dinner. Are we magic or what?! No, YOU LOT ARE ♡

Thank you all so much for your generosity and kindness. We couldn’t have got this far without your help!

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