Week two has been a whirlwind and, as I sit here deep into week three, I can’t believe (again) how much time has passed.

Stay with me, because I predict this to be a recurring theme.

We have so much to be thankful for in week two, and we had so much fun: The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland (we “recycled” wristbands from people who were leaving), Karaoke, a Doors Tribute Act, being taken out for dinner, staying in central Chicago – “The Loop”! – a Baseball game…We can’t believe how lucky we’ve been.

So this is a huge, heartfelt thank you to the people who made our Week Two.



We stayed with Sara and her mum (mom!) for two and a half days, three nights AND she drove us up to Toledo on Saturday so we didn’t have to hitch the whole way to Detroit. To have an evening just sitting and chatting about life in England and America, TV, travel and our experiences over dinner was amazing, and to go out and do karaoke in a local bar was even better!

John, Josh and Luke


John, Josh and Luke crammed us into the back of their pickup truck just minutes after Sara dropped us off at a service station, and told us they were going to Flatrock. When they found out where we were headed in Detroit, they decided to take us the entire way to the door – miles out of their way – just to ‘make sure we were safe’. They own a 24 hour lock smith and gave us the number, should we ever have a problem.

Arie, Rafiki, Owl, Marie and the UIO

We don’t have a picture of the UIO, but you can read our blog post all about it. John, Josh and Luke accompanied us there and made their own friends, just showing that there’s a lot of good people in the world who just need the opportunity to meet… Thank you so much to Arie for having us on Couchsurfing, and to Rafiki, Owl and Marie for showing us a night out in Detroit.

Eli and Hunter at The Blue House


Pictured is Eli, and you can read more about The Blue House in our blog post. Eli had us stay in his home where he lives with Hunter (and they’re looking for another housemate!) for a night and sereneded us with Owl on piano and guitar. What an amazing place to stay.



Amazing things happen when you get chatting to people, and just such a thing happened when we got chatting to Jason at the UIO. Turns out he was Couchsurfing there too. Turns out he was heading to Chicago on the Monday too! Perfect: we had ourselves a lift. We even went to Hell! (Michigan.) Jason is 21, a journalist and cross-country traveller: he’d already been to 39 states! Apologies for the crappy picture – we had to leap out the car pretty quick and I only managed to snap this through the windscreen!



With just a couple of hours until we reached Chicago, we were desperate for someone to get back to us about letting us sleep on their couch. Couchsurfing was giving us nothing, and nor was it working for Jason. I reached out to an intern who used to work with us in my office, Brittney, and asked if she knew anyone in Chicago we could crash with. She came back with an absolute gem… her dad! Within a few hours we were sipping beer on a beautiful back porch with Brittney’s mum and dad eating Chicago deep dish pizza because we “just HAD to try it”! We were definitely not going to argue. What an evening!


Now Tom we didn’t get a picture of, and technicaly we’re missing out a person in the middle, but that person will be receiving their own post soon enough… Tom we found at the baseball match (sorry – GAME) we went to (GO CUBS!) and after sharing some peanuts and checking we had ID with us, we finished the game and hit the bars. Despite the invite, we did not make it to breakfast the next morning… (didn’t expect to be so hungover on this trip!)

What a crazy, wonderful week. Thank you all so much for making it possible.

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