I think it’s safe to say that in my day-to-day life I do not live the way I will be living during Pretenniless. I think it’s safe to say I spend without thinking.

I’m a careless spender. I spend within my means, sure, but my means is that of a twenty-four year old with no dependents, a family able and willing to support me and a full time job in London. I may not splash my cash on designer shopping sprees and Saturday night clubbing sessions, but I don’t think too much of eating out for lunch every day and taking the odd Uber to work when I’m late (Don’t look at me like that).

My “I should be saving more” gut feelings and the “I’ll never be able to afford anything real” voices in my head are experienced at the same time as I update my iPhone and decide Netflix isn’t really that expensive. I have definitely been known to buy things to make myself ‘feel better’ after a bad day, or get a takeaway when I’m feeling lazy.

It’s this contrast – this easy spending versus the point-blank nothingness of Pretenniless – that really interests me. I genuinely have no idea how we’ll get on with our challenge, or what we will feel and experience along the way.

Don’t get me wrong – we’re both stubborn as hell and have way too much pride to go down without a fight (You’ll be prying a cent from my cold, starving, near-dead fingers) but my complete inexperience with living without money is as interesting to me as the challenge itself.

How will it feel to be exhausted, hungry, setting up our tent with the knowledge that our dinner awaits us in a bin we are yet to find? Or when Couchsurfing, unable to easily provide what I would love to – a home cooked meal for my generous hosts? How will it be to know a hole in a shoe won’t end in a new pair, but in repair? I don’t even know how to fix a hole in a shoe. (Note to self: pack super glue).

These are all questions we’ll soon be able to answer, along with a whole load of other stories to tell alongside. All I really know is that I had a nightmare the other night that I accidentally spent a dollar in a vending machine because I wasn’t thinking.

I am genuinely having nightmares about spending money by accident because I am so used to spending.

What would you find most difficult about our challenge? Let us know below, and ask any questions too…we want to know if there’s anything we haven’t thought about!


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