We’re seriously not kidding when we say there’s a lot you can do with a sarong – yes, you too, guys.

When I went travelling in 2013 for seven months, I can honestly say it was the most useful thing I brought with me on the entire trip.

This thing kept me safe, comfy, hidden, and warm. It dried me, clothed me, supported me and though it went missing on a boat in Thailand, came back to me a week later after I spotted a man using it as a belt.

So here, in a dedicated list, is all the useful things you can use a sarong for. I dare you to tell me you’re not bringing one on your own travels by the end.

Sarongs can be used…

  1. As a towel
  2. As a dishcloth
  3. For lying on the beach
  4. As a head scarf
  5. As a normal scarf
  6. For holding to your face sprayed with perfume when the public toilets are rank.
  7. As a belt
  8. As a sling
  9. As a makeshift sack
  10. As a laundry bag
  11. As a rope
  12. As a bandanna
  13. As a tie (we didn’t say it always looked good.)
  14. As a dress
  15. As a pillow
  16. As a washing line
  17. As a bandage
  18. As a shawl
  19. As a blanket
  20. As a bed sheet
  21. For mosquito protection
  22. As a sun shade (put it over your face / head)
  23. As a flag
  24. As a tent (not waterproof…)
  25. As a privacy screen – over your face on public transport when sleeping
  26. As a comfort blanket (the road is long…)
  27. As sunburn cover when clothes are too painful
  28. As a bag-identifier
  29. As a skirt
  30. As an apron
  31. As shorts – tie a short end round your waist, tuck through legs, tie the other short end round your waist. Ta’da!
  32. As your costume to a toga party
  33. As a table cloth
  34. As a sunscreen on your car windscreen
  35. As a cooling device – soak in water, lay over skin, relax.
  36. As a wrap, if you want to make a simple dress look a bit fancier
  37. As a whip. Y’know. Should the occasion arise.
  38. As a distress signal in emergencies
  39. For tying two things together
  40. As extra storage / a strap on your bag – just tie on the corners
  41. As a baby carrier
  42. As a curtain on a window
  43. As a doorway curtain in place of a door
  44. As a picnic blanket
  45. As a cushion for sitting on
  46. As a tourniquet
  47. For compression to stop bleeding
  48. As a divider between you and the rest of your hostel room on a lower bunk bed
  49. As part of a pillow fort. We didn’t say we were being adult about this.
  50. As a warning marker on low ceiling beams & doorways
  51. As a dust shield
  52. As an eye mask
  53. As a sail on a boat (y’know, the raft boat you built to escape a desert island)
  54. As a water filter
  55. As a pasta strainer
  56. As a coffee filter
  57. As a way of tying your bag to yourself when you’re sleeping in public
  58. As padding for your valuables
  59. As a forehead sweat band
  60. As a seat belt when there isn’t one, or to fix a broken one.
  61. As a kids safety belt, when you have to have them on your lap
  62. As a dog lead (or a kiddie lead…)
  63. As wrist or ankle restraints 😉
  64. As a camera strap
  65. As a hair turban for drying
  66. As a wall decoration
  67. As a hole plugger (No more random holes in bathroom doors!)
  68. As a food cover against flies and the like
  69. As a lamp shade when a light is too bright, or for mood lighting…
  70. As a bag separator / organiser
  71. As a shower curtain when you’re trying to keep other stuff dry in a cubicle
  72. As a cape!
  73. As a gag.
  74. As a sitting hammock when rolled (by all means, try it as a lying hammock but you might be stretching your luck…pardon the pun)
  75. As wrapping paper for presents
  76. As a joint support
  77. As a sledge / for sliding down hills or stairs
  78. As a nappy
  79. As makeshift hand cuffs for catching criminals (whilst wearing another as a cape)
  80. For holding over a wire as a zip line…for dire emergencies and action movie-esque escapes.
  81. As a blind fold
  82. As a baby safe feeder
  83. As a baby blanket / wrap / swaddling cloth
  84. As a mattress (use two tied together with padding in-between)
  85. As an oven glove
  86. As a swimming costume
  87. As a parachute…for very small items.
  88. As a religious cover
  89. As a souvenir of your trip, if you buy one on the road
  90. As a bra
  91. As a way to hold your hat on in windy weather
  92. As a heat shield when sitting on / touching hot surfaces
  93. As in-tree storage away from bears and other animals
  94. As an identifier in a crowd
  95. As a way of hanging your shoes round your neck when paddling in the sea
  96. As a painter (tow line) on a boat
  97. As a lasso (Yep, scraping the barrel but making my point in the process.)
  98. As the strap on a purse to make it into a hand bag / satchel
  99. As a goddamn sarong.

Got any more suggestions? Leave them in the comments and we *might* add them to the list…

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